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Military MCU-2/P CBRN Gas Mask 40mm NATO, Deluxe kit, Excellent to Like New
MCU-2/P NBC CBRN Gas Mask Respirator military surplus

Our Price: $459.99

Product Code: GM-MCU-2-PVE


Excellent to Like New, military surplus MCU-2/P gas masks used by the U.S. Air force and Naval forces for years. The MCU-2/P gas mask was thought to provide a better field of view over masks using two lenses. The MCU-2/P gas mask also includes an integral drinking system and is canteen and Camelbak compatible. The MCU-2/P uses standard NATO 40mm threaded NBC CBRN filters.

Deluxe Kit Includes:

1 - MCU-2/P Gas Mask, Excellent to Like New (face form not included)
1- New Skullcap Head Harness (not shown)
1 - 40mm Hose for close quarters, new in package
1 - MCU Butyl Chemical Protective Hood, New Old Stock in original package
1 - Clear lens outsert, used, condition varies, but will help protect mask's lens (not shown)
1 - Camelbak Type-M Adapter, new in package
4 - M295 Equipment Decon Kits
1 - M291 Skin Deon Kit, 6pk
1 - M1 Waterproof Bag, New old stock
1 - OD Nylon Carrier, Used excellent
1 - 40mm NATO training filter
1 - CBRN Filter, new old stock
1 - Spare internal drinking tube, new
1 - M8 Chemical Agent Detector Paper Booklet, new old stock
1 - M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Kit, new old stock

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