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AVON C50 Gas Mask 40mm NATO NBC CBRN
AVON C50 Gas Mask

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For a limited time, each one of these will include:
1- New clear lens outsert
1- Canteen cap adapter
4- M295 Decon
1 - CamelBak Conversation Kit
1 - CamelBak Big Bite Valve
1 - CamelBak Type-A Gas Mask Adapter

LAST ONE! Size Small, Twin Port, Excellent Condition

The AVON C50 is one of the finest masks ever produced. It is the civilian/law enforcement variant of the U.S. Military's famous JSGPM service mask. The only difference with the AVON C50 gas mask and the U.S. Military's M50 gas mask is that the C50 uses standard and easy to obtain NATO 40mm threaded filters. The AVON C50 gas mask is available in several variants for left or right hand only users and one variant with dual ports so the mask can be used by either right or left handed users or two filters can be used for maximum protection and exposure time.

The AVON C50 gas mask is perfect for various applications. The C50 is an NBC CBRN rated gas mask so it could be used for certain roles in the military, its actually better than any previous military mask ever used by U.S. forces. But the M50 system was chosen as the next military protective mask, so the C50 will just have to fill many other gaps in respirator needs, and there are many. Fortunately, the C50 is here and can fill nearly all of them. It is perfect for law enforcement use and a prepper's dream mask for sure.

We carry the AVON C50 gas masks in small quantities, variant and size may vary, please check the drop down boxes to see if you're mask is in stock or message us for the most up to date information.

AVON C50 Gas Mask: Clear Protective Lens Outsert
AVON C50 Gas Mask: Neurtal (Tinted) Protective Lens Outsert
AVON C50 Gas Mask: Camelbak gas mask conversion kit
AVON C50 Gas Mask: Camelbak Type-A gas mask adapter
AVON C50 Gas Mask: Quick Doff Hood (Not made by avon but compatible)
AVON C50 Gas Mask: Various other accessories... click below

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