Aeon Fawkes, Inc.
"A Company By the People, For the People"

Aeon Fawkes, Inc. is a company BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE. We offer emergency survival equipment to assist you and your family for when you need it most. We carry a variety of preparedness items including military surplus items. Our inventory is quickly growing and many items that we carry have not made their way onto our online catalog just yet, so check back often, or, if  you don't see it, just email and ask.

How "we" got started:

First off, how many employees does Aeon Fawkes, Inc. have? Technically...1... Hi! My name is Joel Edgington, I'm the President & CEO of Aeon Fawkes, Inc., but that is not important at all; as I like to joke, as a company of 1, I'm also the janitor. I incorporated the business in 2012. I'm a proud, disabled veteran of The United States Marine Corps. The circumstances of my injury and discharge say the least, controversial, to be more accurate, scandalous. Those details are soon to be disclosed and I will link to them for anyone who is interested in a good read, with plenty of verifiable documentation that would satisfy the utmost of skeptics (I'm quite the skeptic myself after all that I've seen in my life, so I have quite the respect for fellow skeptics). But even though I'm technically a company of one, I like to always refer to the company as, "WE," because, we're all in this together, and that's why I do it.

My father and younger brother are also PROUD United States Marines. Some of my best memories are of when I was a small child, playing with my father's old Vietnam Era Marine Corps gear that he brought home after his service. My favorites of those items were two gas masks, an old M17 and another mask that was lost by a friend one Halloween night, model unknown as it was lost when I was around seven years old. I'll never be sure why, but I was always fascinated by gas masks, technically termed, "respirators," but to most of us, we simply call them "gas masks." It was only later when I had learned of their historical significance, learning of the horrific deaths of tens of thousands, if not more, caused by chemical and biological warfare agents, that gas masks went from, "being cool," to "being necessary." I then became very passionate about CBRN Defense. It is a passion that has only grown with time.

Currently, "we" have another website under design. It will be much more professional looking than this current site, but as a company of 1, it takes time, so please bear with me. 

Veteran's Project:

We're also working on a project for assisting veterans of The United States Military. We're working on building a military museum, mostly geared towards CBRN warfare from it's inception to present day. The proceeds of this museum are planned to go towards assisting disabled veterans. This is still something in the works, but "we've" been purchasing items for this museum for a very, very long time. If you are interested in being a part of helping with this effort, feel free to contact us! 

That's it for now, but more to come later!

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