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AVON FM50 M50 JSGPM NBC CBRN Protective Gas Mask
M50 FM50 JSGPM Gas Mask Respirator

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Product Code: AVON-FM50-M50-JSGPM-GAS-MASK


For a limited time, each one of these will include:
1- like new clear lens outsert
1- Canteen cap adapter
4- M295 Decon
1- NEW set of self-sealing valves replacing original

These AVON M50 / FM50 gas masks are in EXCELLENT condition. The AVON M50 JSGPM is used by all four armed forces of the United States Military, no other mask has served this role until now. Everything about the M50 / FM50 mask is revolutionary. It uses a conical filter design that can safely be replaced and without the worry of it unscrewing during the heat of the moment. While one filter is removed from the M50 / FM50 a special rubber one way seal closes, preventing harmful contaminants from entering the mask. The drinking system and voicemitter of the AVON M50 and FM50 are also very advanced compared with previous gas mask. The M50 / FM50 lens is nearly unbreakable and also available are several styles of impact resistant lens outserts for addition protection. The M50 / FM50 mask is also made of a softer material for a more comfortable fit, particularly important for extended periods of use. The specialized filters of the M50 /FM50 mask are also far better rated than all previous filters before it. Of course the M50 /FM50 masks are VPU and comms compatible. The M50 / FM50 also has far less breathing resistance when compared to other masks due to its conical filter design, this plays a huge part in energy conservation by the user. Overall, it does't get much better than the AVON M50 / FM50 mask.

Condition: Excellent

Some Additional Accessories Available:

Spare/Replacement Internal Drinking Tube
Avon M50 / FM50 Self-Sealing Disc Valve Set, NEW
Avon M50 Series Chemical Protective Hood (Factory)
Avon M50 Series Twin Pack Connical Filters, New Old Stock
AVON M50/ FM50 Gas Mask: Clear Protective Lens Outsert

AVON M50/ FM50 Gas Mask: Neutral (Tinted) Protective Lens Outsert
AVON M50/ FM50 Gas Mask: Quick Doff Hood (Not Avon but compatible)
AVON M50/ FM50 Gas Mask: Camelbak gas mask conversion kit
AVON M50/ FM50 Gas Mask: Camelbak Type-A Adapter
Avon M50 Series Gas Mask Carrier, Sage Green
Avon M50 Series Gas Mask Accessory Pouch
Avon Audio Amplifier M50/FM50 PN:71009/2
Avon Internal Mic Adapter & Dynamic Mic